The big world can be large and scary! Going into it, even more so!
This page is to help you on your way to get safely to the convention.

By Car

You have an automobile? Perfect! Getting to the convention by automotive transport is both the easiest and best solution.
Simply set your Global Positioning Sytem for:

Langholmvej 28
8500 Grenå


By public transport

We have a wonderful site here on the internet, called Google Maps.
It’s perfect for the public transportation system in Denmark and supports it fully.

It will tell you to ‘drive’ or ‘walk’ the last bit and you’re in luck! One of the chairmen, will be driving back and forth!
We will be picking up people by car on the first day. In an effort to make things fast and smooth, we ask that you arrive at the pick up point at 13:00, 15:00, or 17:00. The pick-up point is here: Gjerrild/Stokkebro (Click here for map!)
If it’s not possible to make it to those times (if you arrive later e.g. in the evening), you can reach us over Facebook, as the telephone reception on site is very bad.


Mom driving you

Wouldn’t it just be nice to have mom drive you to the birthday party?