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Furtastic Force Commander

Terril is the head of Furtastic and ensures, year for year, that everything works out and runs smoothly.

Booze Juggling Husky

Need a drink? Shiro will make you something cool, refreshing and – most importantly – alcoholic! He’s in charge of the bar, the booze and the… something else beginning with b.

Warlock of Website & Security

The work of Khain is what you’re using at the moment. The website and all on it, is his domain and he keeps it! He’s also in charge of security and keeping an eye on things.

Surpreme Mistress of Cooking

Molly secures that we are all kept well-fed and happy, with her impressive skills in the kitchen. She also helps with keeping the art auction running smoothly.

Friendly Neighbourhood Handyman

With a convention such as Furtastic, there’s bound to be a multitude of tasks that others may be too busy for. Making sure that all the important smaller bits are seen to, Ayla is the catch-all handyman of Furtastic.

Scaly Brewmaster

Returning in 2017, Nattrim once more brings his skilled brewing back to Furtastic, this time as a proper staff member. Sharktor Brewing returns and this guy will be joining us behind the bar to help dish it out to you people!