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Furtastic has been going on 10 years now, and we’ve gone from a very small group of people, to a slightly larger group of people. Furtastic tickets are a first come, first serve state. That means if you have registered and payed, you’re secured a spot. As long as payment has not been received, then someone else might jump ahead and get in front of you, even if they registered later.

All payments are final, and we do not refund money. If you have an issue that prevents you from attending Furtastic, we suggest that you try to sell your ticket to another furry, who want’s to go to the convention.

To see what the prices contain, keep scrolling. We have 3 different price ranges at Furtastic. Payment is currently managed over Paypal for easy use of everyone, but we do also have bank transfer or Mobilepay. MobilePay can be done to the number 28111109. It will then be manually handled within a week, and remember to write your real name, or registration number in a note on the payment. For bank transfer, look to the bottom to see the account number and information necessary.

Ticket is 1100 DKK / 147 EUR – This includes the former Late Departure, which is now standard!

Sponsor Ticket is +250 DKK / +34 EUR to the standard Ticket.

Super Sponsor Ticket is +750 DKK / +100 EUR to the standard Ticket.

A spot in one of the 4-man rooms costs 300 DKK or 40 EUR


T-shirt with name is 175 DKK or 24 EUR


Included in the attendance price of is:

  • 4 days for fun and furry company!
  • Your own bed in a summer camp like environment. (Remember your own sheets and duvet, or sleeping bag)
  • Food! 2 meals each day, 1 on arrival and departure days.
  • 1 BBQ day
  • 1 extra evening of fun and music, with lowered prices for drinks!

If you want to sponsor Furtastic and help keep us going, for just a little added price, here’s what your money goes to

  • You get a cool gift!
  • Super sponsors get several cool gifts, and our undying love!
  • Events! The basic prices allow us to do little extra, but sponsors are helping us stay up and fun!
  • New activities! We have board games, card games, magazine and all kinds of furry stuff, because of previous sponsors. We would love to add to that!
  • Keep going! We love every single person who attends Furtastic, but we really appreciate those who knows how hard it is to keep going. Our sponsors means a lot, and while every last øre goes to the convention, it’s the thought behind it that we appreciate.


Bank Account

Furtastic’s account is under the name Peter Schytte, since this is the company head.

Account Name: Peter Schytte

Account number: 6866-0001018223

IBAN: DK6968660001018223


Remember to put your real name, or registration number, on the payment!32