Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
09.00 Cowboy’s Breakfast Beans, Bacon, Whiskey, and Lard! (Brunch) Sheriff’s Brunch Last Otter Standing Brunch
12.00 Ottie’s Outlaw Adventure Fursuit games and shows
14.00 Furtastic starts! Furtastic ends!
15.00 Bar Opens
18.00 Grub’s served! (Dinner) Wild West BBQ Rancher’s Dinner Last Otter Standing Meal
19.00 Opening Speech Closing Speech
20.00 The Hoot Tooting Fasmatastic Snake Oil Sponsored Saloon Knowledge Test Art auction Last Otter Standing Party
21.00 Fursuit Dance
22.00 Hoedown Party




Brunch will be from 9AM to 12AM. We have had a nice array of different kinds of white and dark breads, and different kinds of toppings. There will be various cereal and milk as well. You are welcome to eat as much as you can and want. Coffee and tea will be put out, and water is always free. The bar may or may not be open during these hours. Brunch is included in the price for Furtastic. From 2PM to 4PM you can buy a sandwich from the bar, if you’re too hungry to wait for dinner!
Our amazing kitchen-staff prepares food for each and every evening. The previous years we have had a range from self made burgers, to lasagne and everyone has always been happy and full after each meal. All eating is done in the common room, with a line going from the room, to the kitchen and then back into the room. After the first serving, the staff will call out when it is okay to come out for a second serving. The food is always home cooked, and the fuzzies in the kitchen always appreciate positive feedback. Dinner is included in the price for Furtastic.


The bar has always been a popular place to gather at Furtastic, and it will continue to be. We have added home brewed beers to the place, and the brew master will be on hand at the bar to explain about them. On top of that, we have our regular array of different sodas, a standard can of beer, and of course a lot of amazing drinks!
Everything is bought by purchasing drinks cards at the bar, at 50DKK per card. The card has 10 boxes on them, that amount to 5DKK per box, which is then crossed out as you purchase drinks, shots, beer or coke at the bar. The prices will be clearly shown at the bar, or you’re welcome to ask the bar staff if you have any questions.

Opening Speech

We will be talking about what happens at this year’s Furtastic, as well as showing off the Staff and talking about what the rules are, and what to pay attention to. This is rather important as things change between years, and it is always good to know who you need to grab if you have a question or a problem that needs attention of staff.

The Hoot Tooting Fasmatastic Snake Oil Sponsored Saloon Knowledge Test

A new addition to Furtastic, the pub quiz will allow you to pair up with new fuzzies you’ve never met and come up with amazing answers to the quiz that our very own alcoholic scaled brewmaster has put together. You will be asked to pair into groups of 4-5, and then you will be given paper to answer the questions that appear on the main screen on the stage. This is a great way to get to know a lot of new people, maybe make some friends along the way! There will of course be a price to the winning group! Furtastic suggests attending this event.

Otties Outlaw Adventure

The theme of this year is the Wild West, and Ottie loves the good old western movies. The amazing staff have set up an adventure in various stages for all of you to attend! You will be put into groups and then be put on your very own adventure, where you will get ride in horses, shoot cans of bacon and maybe catch a dastardly bank-robber! Come join Ottie, and get your groups name in the annals of Furtastic History!

Fursuit Dance

This year, we’ll be playing some amazing tunes for you to dance to, in your fursuit! The big tent outside the common room, will be booming with lights and music and you’re welcome to dance into the night, to the fursuit friendly dance music, that will be easy and nice to follow, for everyone. So bring your suit out, and rock it with your friends!

Hoedown Party

Cowboys know how to host a real heck of a hoedown, and this is no different! So let’s all meet up down by the fireplace for an amazing and grand fun fest in the middle of nature! Come celebrate and dance into the night.
This takes place down by the bonfire.

Fursuit games and shows

This is a new event. Description is coming!

Art Auction

The art auction is a time honoured tradition at Furtastic. We have sold a lot of wonderful art through the time, and we are really looking forwards to putting on a show again this year! Art has been put up on the Furtastic website as we have gotten it, and it will be displayed on the projector during the auction itself. This is you chance to buy one of a kind art, from both the amazing artists at the convention itself, or from artists around the world. Look at the Art Auction page for more information.

Dead Otter Universe Party

Not ready to leave yet? Good! If you have late departure on your registration, then you get to be part of the amazing party as we lower the prices on booze and what home brewed beer there is left! Be part of the ending of the seventh Furtastic, and party with the staff as we round up yet another amazing year!