Deadline: 1st of July, 2021

Use the form below to sign up your artwork for the Furtastic Art Auction.

RULES: These must be followed, in order to have your artwork presented at Furtastic!

  • There is a total maximum of 50 pieces for the art auction.
  • Initially, each artist can upload a MAXIMUM of 5 pieces for the art auction.
  • Each pair of artists can have ONLY 1 collab piece.
  • In the last 14 days of signup, if all places haven’t been filled, the art auction enters a “free for all” where you can upload as many pieces as you want, over the previous maximum.
  • The artwork uploaded MUST be your own or you must represent the artist who made it.
  • The artwork presented at Furtastic’s Art Auction MUST be framed, unless made on a canvas.
  • The frames and/or canvas must be ready to be hanged for presentation – That means there must be a string or similar on the backside of it!
  • If you choose to donate, the money made will be given directly to Furtastic.
  • The artwork must be unique and/or part of a limited set. We do not accept retail posters or similar.
  • We do not accept adoptables and/or ref sheets. Any such art submitted will be ignored and deleted.
  • The submitted artwork must be of good quality when printed. (Make sure that your DPI/PPI works with the printer you’ll be using.)
    If the printed artwork is deemed to be pixelated or badly printed, it will not be put up for auction.
  • When submitting your art, make sure that it’s clearly visible and depicts the artwork from the front – Either scan it or use a camera, as long as the picture is from the front of the artwork and without a frame!
  • All art is welcome, but we expect a certain minimum in terms of quality. We reserve the right to deny any art piece to be sold at the auction, for any such reasons.
  • Refrain from uploading fanart of any kind, as that could potentially lead to legal trouble for Furtastic. If it is fanart of another person’s character and you have a deal with that person, we will need proof of that. We generally do not accept fanart, however.
  • You can sell your art at Furtastic, even if you do not attend. Make sure to find a representative among the attendees, so we have someone to hand the money over to.
  • If you want to resell art, that you didn’t make, please contact Khain before submitting, at Mark the mail “Reselling art”.

Should you encounter any issues with the form, write a mail to