Like last year, our beautiful venue is the camp of Olufsborg. We had a great time there last year, with roasted pig, fursuiting trip to the nearby town, and a little trip to the beautiful beaches. The venue itself offers a very secluded area away from the bustling noise of the cities and towns around, and is well hidden away behind a forest and surrounding trees. It is truely our little place of furry serenity.

The big building itself is composed of two levels. The lower level is where the most of the action is, mainly partying, playing and generally mingling with everyone, as our big gathering hall offeres plenty of space, and two big door out to the surrounding area. Here we have our bar, with home-brewed beer, drinks and soda, being sold by our friendly staff.


Our kitchen is nice and roomy, and thats good, because making so much delicious food requires a lot of patience and room! The staff is just as talented as always, and we know how you’ve loved the food, so far!


The second floor of the building is composed of mainly the sleeping chambers and the bathrooms. We have 5 sleeping chambers which fit 12 people each, and those usually provide plenty of room for everyone. The small rooms are for staff, and the tiny one for only two people are for the ones that have to get up very early in the morning to make sure that the delicious breakfast is good and ready for when you wake up.

The small lounge room in the second floor, is solely for fursuits. Our staff are ready to help with all things fursuit-related, and this is the place to go if you want to keep your fursuit safe with everyone elses. We have everything from drying racks to salty snacks for all the suiters that come. We had a lot last year, and we’re hoping to see all of them and more this year!




In the wonderful surrounding area, we have a few things that will delight some. We have a lot of open space right around the building, and one of the things that is very used there is the football field. Obviously not for football though. Everything from frisbee to Cubb is played there and everyone enjoys watching the fursuiters give it a go as well.

venue campfire

Another thing to take notice of outside is the fireplace. We have had lots of great conversations and evenings outside in the glow of the moon and with the fire roaring. The whole place is great in the warm days of summer, and we’re sure to spend a lot of time outside having fun.