Art Auction Signup

Deadline: 1st of July, 2018

Use the form below to sign up your artwork for the Furtastic Art Auction.

RULES: These must be followed, in order to have your artwork presented at Furtastic!

- The artwork uploaded MUST be your own or you must represent the artist who made it.
- The artwork presented at Furtastic's Art Auction MUST be framed, unless made on a canvas.
- The frames and/or canvas must be ready to be hanged for presentation - That means there must be a string or similar on the backside of it!
- You can register of maximum of 10 pieces of artwork for the auction, unless it is a donation.
- If you choose to donate, the money made will be given directly to Furtastic.
- The artwork must be unique and/or part of a limited set. We do not accept retail posters or similar.
- We do not accept adoptables and/or ref sheets. Any such art submitted will be ignored and deleted.
- The submitted artwork must be of good quality when printed.
(Make sure that your DPI/PPI works with the printer you'll be using.).
If the printed artwork is deemed to be pixelated or badly printed, it will not be put up for auction.
- When submitting your art, make sure that it's clearly visible and depicts the artwork from the front - Either scan it or use a camera, as long as the picture is from the front of the artwork and without a frame!
- All art is welcome, but we expect a certain minimum in terms of quality. We reserve the right to deny any art piece to be sold at the auction, for any such reasons.

Should you encounter any issues with the form, write a mail to