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Furtastic 2016: Speakeasy

The American Prohibition Era – The Roaring 20’s


Welcome to the sixth annual furtastic!

This year we go back in time, and to a country far far away from our little Viking home. To a time when men wore fancy suits, dames wore long red dresses and the music didn’t get put through a computer. The 1920’s in the America was a time where booze was outlawed and a critter had to go to seedy places to get a buzz on. This year we’re paying homage to that era, where gangsters wore long trench coats and bootleggers were hunted by police, but made a killing, selling their wares.

So come to the Furtastic speakeasy, and let go of your sorrows. The husky behind the bar is ready to lend an ear, the slinky ferret and the tough wolf are in charge of getting you your drink of choice, and our lovely lioness will be in the kitchen to prepare you the delicious treats that goes with the drink and company. We are sure that there will be ample time, in the warm atmosphere of other equal fuzzy people, to get to know everyone and have a dang good time!

So gals and guys, gather up for a good ol’ time in the embrace of friends and likeminded furries. The staff, dressed to occasion and each with their own roles to play in your amazing week, are all looking forwards to seeing you there!

In 2016, you can look forward to:

  • New events!
  • Improvements on the website!
  • Con-badges!
  • And much much more!
  • Return often to find news about the friendliest furrycon out there!

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